Truck weighting administration software 

How it works :

  A truck comes to the gravel, the base weight is measured by the scale, the user selects the configuration( 2,3,5, etc, axes), along with driver informations : Name + C.I. and truck informations. The trucks drives for the load, it comes back, the new weight is measured. The software will execute the papers, cargo shipping advice + weighing bill, which are printed from the scale. 

“Any point (grevel, scrap collecting center, etc) is obligated by law to have a scale in connection with a computer, which should gestionate all the measurements. The database connected with the software has to be available to authorities.”

The Software Interface. Here is the questionnaire for the cargo shipping advice, where all the critical information has to be filled. After the cargo shipping advice are completed, clients can chose how to bill them, one by one or more for the same bill

The database contains information from clients, delegates, list of trucks, list of working points and list of users, those are the main points on database, it can be accsessed like in the picture above

The picture below show another important task which can be done by the software, it can issue reports by the working points, clinets and products. This reports contain all the important data like client, recipe, products, quantity and the price.

Last importat task that can be made directly form the software is the receipt, if the client wants to pay a bill, maybe pay for the products exactly when he loaded them. Also there is a posibility to automatically generate invoices for all the orders. 


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