Dematec Vision’s objective

Dematec Vision’s team wants to offer our clients the best solutions for their problems and for that we continuously learn new things, new ways to aproach problems and new tehniques to resolve everything in the shortest time possible.



Computer maintenance

We manage operating systems, installed applications, software upgrades and configuration. Maintenance, cleaning and repair of computers / printers and laptops.

Helpdesk Services

We offer immediate assistance by phone or remotely. Moving to Headquarters is in max 2 hours regardless of location. Free Tranning staff.

Network maintenance

We provide network maintenance / designing / implementing it through testing equipment and analysis.


Servers maintenance

We manage Windows operating systems Server (Active Directory, Exchange Server, Proxi  Server, File sharing server, SQL Server, Terminal Server Backup)

Scanners programming

Tablets (any I / O Device)

We offer programming / barcode scanners configuration / tablets on both Android or WinCE Mobile systems.

our Work

Our numerous task were accomplished with success and our costumers are satisfied with our services. They will surely make new requests on incoming problems and our solutions would definitely be on point!

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