Nutrition for you 

What it is:

  Nut4you is a web software that is meant to help nutritionists by simplifying their work, obtaining results for patients in a very detailed and organized way.

The software interface , it shows in which country the software can be accesed.

If you choose the country on the page opened, you can see three main things: Personalized menus, Food computer and Patient statistics.  

In the Personalized menus, you can define food menu for each patient, fast and easy, the software has access to a data base with over 5000 aliments.

The Food computer, help you to get nutritional information for every aliment you need for your menu, the software does it all automatically.

And last but not least important, Patients statistics is essentially for a nutritionist, you can access those informations from a well organized data base for each patient, an important part in our software.

After you login with your account, the main 3 characteristics multiply as : Clients, Template menu, Recipe, Aliments, Affections, Calendar.

In the Clients tab you can manage your clients, you can add or delete, when adding a new person, you can complete important data as well (sports, supplements, job, measurements).

“Meniuri Sablon” – template menu, here you define a food menu by the offered example.

Here you can add days for your menu, you start adding aliments, for each aliment proprieties, you can directly set your daily consumption of calories, proteins,etc

“Retete” – you can define recipes and ingredients, to bake for yourself, as a nutritionist, you can print any recipe defined so you can give it to clients, as well the ingredients for your shopping list.

“Alimente” – here you can access the data base with all the aliments. You can search for them and also add missing ones.


“Afectiune” – here you can see some disease and recommended/prohibited aliments, so if your client suffers from a disease, you will consider the recommended aliments for the food menu.

“Calendar” – here you can schedule appointments.

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